Ascending Growth:

A mini MBA book for transformational marketers

For this groundbreaking transformation and leadership book, two seasoned revenue marketing leaders and a change expert teamed up to answer this question: how do marketers become the change drivers to grow their organizations, customers, and their careers?

A Leadership Book about Growth Recommended by Growth Leaders

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Ascending Growth is a must-read leadership book for senior marketers who aim to drive sustainable growth outcomes for their organizations, large or small. It introduces a managerial framework “The Growth Experience (GX)” as the core foundation to manage your revenue generation engine and beyond technology, it also examines the other nine elements in the Revenue Generation Value Chain™️ through a maturity framework. Finally, the book takes you through a practical methodology called “Ascending Growth Method (AGM)” to help you take on the transformation journey with real-life examples and tips. Featuring real-world experience and case studies, Ascending Growth provides the HOW TO guide for marketers who are brave enough to take on the transformation journey to turn their revenue generation functions into a sustainable competitive advantage.


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Growth & Change Experts

Eve Chen


Eve is a serial entrepreneur, veteran Revenue Marketer with 25 years of B2B & B2C experience, and had held leadership positions with a number of multinational corporations across the Asia Pacific and North America regions.  She developed the Revenue Generation Value Chain™️ and Maturity Framework in 2015 and heads up a revenue marketing agency, The Growth Engine, that dedicates to help businesses of all sizes to accelerate their revenue growth.


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Ljubica Radoicic


Ljubica is a senior sales and marketing professional with 20 years’ B2B & B2C experience gained in leadership roles across diverse industries, including Tech/SaaS, Professional Services, Industrial, and Engineering.  Her passion for brand building, customer experience, and market development has seen businesses achieve remarkable growth. She has transformed teams of significant size into revenue engines by applying concepts from the book.  

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Brett Cowell

BB, MBA (Executive)

Brett is an author, entrepreneur, and long-time strategy and operations consultant. He’s worked around the world with global B2B and B2C organizations in a variety of industries. Brett specializes in implementing strategies and end-to-end processes that drive organizational alignment, improve performance, and embed creative problem solving and innovation.

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Major Concepts

Proven frameworks to help you embark on the transformation journey to grow your business, your customers, and your people. 

Growth Experience (GX)

Revenue Generation Value Chain (RVC)

Ascending Growth Method (AGM) 

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