About Ascending Growth

A mini MBA book that helps marketers become the change drivers through the adoption of Ascending Growth concepts and tools to achieve desired outcomes for their businesses, customers, and their careers.

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Download the introduction chapter and see for yourself how Ascending Growth Concepts and methodologies can improve your customer value, drive business growth, and elevate your career.

About Ascending Growth

Ever-increasingly, being held accountable to revenue growth has become a requirement for some of the best marketing jobs out there. This mini MBA guidebook is tailor designed for aspiring marketers who want to have a bigger seat at the leadership table and it provides the WHAT TOs, and HOW TOs for you to get there.  It reveals what really contributes to success when it comes to achieving long term growth.  It is an invitation for marketers to grow to the next level, to hold yourself accountable, and to take on the change driver seat in your organization in order to achieve win-win-win outcomes for the business, the customers and yourself. In this book, with three game changing concepts and chapter after chapter of calls to action, from two longtime change-driving marketers and a leading management consultant, growth is going to take on a brand new meaning for those who desire to ascend to new height.  

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